Customer Success Specialist
Tampa, FL (Remote)


Have you ever wanted to use your customer success skills to change lives? To save them?

Cope Notes is searching for a skilled Customer Success Specialist who is passionate about making the world a better place by improving the mental and emotional health of youth, adults, families, organizations, and communities worldwide. 

As one of our first customer success team members, be ready to deliver world-class enterprise-level service and support in a fast-paced, social-good startup environment!



  • Onboard and train new clients and partners, answer questions, and facilitate all aspects of post-launch support 
  • Streamline, encourage, and drive product awareness and adoption through unique, thorough, and easy-to-understand marketing and education campaigns
  • Improve brand equity, brand loyalty, and the quality of the customer journey
  • Decrease churn by measuring key indicators and implementing preventative fixes
  • Collaborate closely with team members and customers to maximize engagement and expansion opportunities 
  • Locate and address customer pain points by collecting feedback to incorporate the voice of the customer into product and process innovations
  • Identify opportunities for improvements to product, marketing, and sales strategies 
  • Help customers get the most out of their subscriptions by improving messaging and marketing materials to clear up common misconceptions and proactively answer FAQ's
  • Develop and implement growth and renewal strategies for existing accounts
  • Schedule meetings, trainings, and demos with new and existing customers
  • Develop and maintain strong, meaningful relationships with a diverse range customers across multiple verticals
  • Create, plan, edit, and deliver social media graphics, onboarding presentations, and email nurture campaigns
  • Use strategic thinking and creative solutions to:
    • Decrease churn
    • Improve user experience
    • Streamline enrollment
    • Drive engagement
    • Increase renewals
    • Improve clarity of messaging
    • Expedite pilots
    • Handle objections
    • Troubleshoot and debug
    • Navigate customer roadblocks



  • Customer support, training, or account management experience in an enterprise software company (2+ years in a startup setting preferred)
  • Proven track record of successfully managing meaningful relationships with enterprise customers across various verticals
  • Familiarity with planning retention strategies and leading presentations
  • Understanding of SaaS business metrics and their business drivers
  • Excellent interpersonal, verbal, and written communication skills
  • Working knowledge of CRM systems, graphic design, and social media
  • Partiality towards systems-thinking, logistics, workflow, prevention, and automation
  • Outstanding time-management, task-management, and prioritization skills


Our ideal candidate is:

  • Unafraid to dream big
  • Reliable, loyal, and consistent
  • Tech-savvy and forward-thinking
  • Optimistic, patient, and empathetic
  • A bold, creative, out-of-the-box thinker
  • Persistent and slow to feel discouraged
  • Quick to assume responsibility and initiative
  • Collaborative and ready to work as a team player
  • Open to suggesting and implementing new ideas
  • Simultaneously goal-oriented and detail-oriented
  • Willing to take ownership of multiple projects at once
  • A highly confident, motivated, independent self-starter
  • Self-aware, receptive to feedback, and eager to improve
  • Highly organized and skillful at time and project management
  • Clear, honest, open, and transparent, always ready to speak their mind
  • A quick learner, ready to adapt to an ever-changing startup environment
  • An excellent communicator both internally and with prospects and customers
  • Filled with a deep desire to make a positive impact on the world


Why work with us?

Cope Notes helps people all around the world improve their mental and emotional health on a daily basis. How? Our text-based platform combines peer support and positive psychology to train the brain to think in healthier patterns. We work with governments, businesses, schools, families, and even individuals like you every single day to stop stigma and save lives.

Plus, we’re not afraid to have a bit of fun while we’re at it 🤠 While mission-driven, we know that a sense of humor goes a long way, and that work-life balance is essential to self-care. A career with Cope Notes provides a profound sense of purpose and tremendous opportunity for rapid advancement in a fast-paced, hands-on, yet uniquely positive, laid-back, fully remote startup atmosphere. Our team enjoys the freedom to manage their own schedule and the creative license to shape strategy, messaging, product, culture, and more.

And at the end of the day, we sleep soundly, knowing that our work is truly making the world a better place 😌


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