psychology + technology = progress

Basically, Cope Notes uses text messages to physically rewire your brain.
A text a day can go a looooong way.

Whenever your brain thinks a thought, one of its synapses communicates with another. Through repetition, these synapses grow closer together to lighten the workload.

When you see, hear, or read about an emotion (especially when you don't see it coming), your brain tries to imagine how it feels by firing those same synapses—with or without your permission.


Cope Notes uses this psychological phenomenon against itself to help you bridge the right synaptic clefts and ditch toxic mental and emotional norms for healthier ones.

It only takes 21 days to develop a new habit, but it can take up to 254 consecutive days for it to become automatic. Consistency is key, and fortunately for you, that's one of our strong suits.

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who comes up with this stuff?

Founder & CEO

Johnny Crowder is a suicide and abuse survivor who spent his formative years battling a wide range of mental illnesses, from OCD and bipolar disorder to schizophrenia.

Throughout this journey, Crowder tirelessly pursued and invested in “miracle cures” that left him feeling helpless and hopeless. Online courses, best-selling books, meditation apps… every available option either reeked of jargon or blatantly ignored the difficulty hardwired into the human condition.

This disappointment would eventually birth the tool he spent his entire life searching for.

Crowder’s lived experience, university-level education in psychology, and contagious positivity combine to fashion a spirit of advocacy unlike any other. As a musician, writer, and motivational speaker, Crowder has impacted millions of lives across the globe by interpreting complex psychological principles with a playful wit that validates hardship without surrendering to it.

After nearly a decade of professional treatment, Crowder now relies on simple coping mechanisms to live a happier, healthier life than ever before. Through Cope Notes, he is able to share these transformative practices with the world on a daily basis.


It's time to start feeling like yourself again.