what if one text could change your life?

What we do

We text you all sorts of cool crap every single day to help you overcome whatever's keeping you down. Want to become a happier, healthier human without faking it or joining a cult? You've come to the right place.

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Why we do it

You forgot to log into your mindfulness app. You tossed your sticky-note affirmations into a dumpster fire. Out-of-touch feel-good mumbo jumbo makes you gag. You want to grow in the right direction, but you don't know how.

Negativity strikes without warning.
So do we.

Each and every Note is a randomly-timed wake-up call directly inspired by years of education, advocacy, and personal experience. The goal? To mold your brain and heart into the indestructible organs they were created to be.


who comes up with this stuff?

Founder & President

Johnny Crowder began exhibiting symptoms of mental illness at the ripe young age of 3, and it didn't let up for a decade or two. His abuse-ridden adolescence was sprinkled with suicidal thoughts, obsessive-compulsive behavior, and some pretty eye-catching acne. In short, it wasn’t pretty—and neither was he.

Crowder pursued a degree in psychology from UCF—that is, until his band, Dark Sermon, got signed and he left campus to tour the universe. Although he finished his degree on the road, he learned more about the human psyche through his travels than he ever could in a classroom.

After years of intense therapy and heavy medication, Crowder is now functioning healthily without the use of either. In their place, he's developed effective strategies that allow him to maintain a sound mind and body throughout his journeys with his new band, Prison, whose music addresses his difficult past and encourages others to persevere.

His goal? To share those strategies and save as many lives as possible in the process.

Since 2012, Crowder’s global advocacy efforts have reached over 1 million people. And thanks to people like you, that number continues to grow.


It's time to take your life back... one note at a time.