While you don't have to follow these steps to feel the impact of Cope Notes in your everyday life, we think they'll make it easier than ever to get the most out of your subscription.

+ Step 1: Save our number
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It might sound obvious, but saving us as a contact in your phone will help your brain associate our messages with positivity and progress. After all, a text from “Cope Notes" feels a lot more personal than a text from “1-888-705-2673,” right?

+ Step 2: Take your time
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Because our texts are designed to interrupt the stress of daily life, many of our subscribers open them the moment they come in. Others prefer to save them for later, when they'll have more time to process them.

Regardless of when you choose to open it, each text is an opportunity to pause, unplug from anxiety, and be present. Taking a deep breath as you read it allows the message to sink in and leave a longer-lasting impression, transforming it into an even more powerful agent of change.

+ Step 3: Make it personal
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Some of our texts will feel spot-on, like we’re watching your every move (we aren’t). Others, at first glance, may seem like they don’t pertain to you. But no matter which text you receive today, we encourage you to read it with an open mind.

When we text you, it’s personal; you’re the only person in the world to receive that text on that day at that time. Ask yourself:

Why do I need to hear this right now?
What does this have to do with me?
How can I apply this message today?

By searching for meaning and making an effort to apply each text to your own life, you become an active participant in your own growth.

+ Step 4: Speak your mind
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Journaling has been proven to improve mental and emotional independence, making it easier to process thoughts and emotions. Think of Cope Notes as a journal that’s willing to start the conversation for you and always ready to listen.

Some texts specifically ask for a response, while others are more open-ended statements that simply get your brain’s wheels turning. Although you never have to text us back, we’ve found that subscribers who respond regularly have reported the highest levels of growth.

+ Step 5: Share the love
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As these texts roll in throughout the days ahead, consider discussing them with someone close to you. The more familiar you become with conversation around mental health, the more equipped your brain will be to understand future texts, your own emotions, and life as a whole.


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