Self-Help Made Simple

Cope Notes is a mental health app that uses text messages to replace toxic mental and emotional habits with healthy ones on a daily basis.

Ready to grow? We thought so.

easy exercises

Feeling worthless? Simple practices throughout the week will whip your self-esteem into shape.

timely reminders

About to lose your cool? Expect a firm nudge in a better direction when you least expect it.

real advice

Ready to give up? Helpful tips and tricks will fuel your fight against depression and everyday BS.

“I was worried about my son…”

"My son is a freshman in high school, and that's a tough time for a lot of kids. I came across Cope Notes and signed him up, praying it would help. I can't believe the change I've seen in him since then. Every parent needs to know about this!"

Mark | Amarillo, TX

“I’m in tears!”

"DUUUUUDE! I'm laying here exhausted, overwhelmed, and feeling resentful. Then I get a text that basically says, "Thank you for everything you did today." I'm crying! THANK YOU! I REALLY needed that right now! I instantly regained my perspective."

Michelle | Pittsburgh, PA

“I was skeptical at first…”

"No lie, I was just gonna use the free trial and cancel before it charged me. But after a few days of getting the perfect text at EXACTLY the right moment, I was sold. 100%. I'm already happier and feeling more like myself."

Jermaine | Corona, CA

“Cope Notes is a gift.”

"Cope Notes always keeps me mindful of the little things. Getting these text messages randomly makes me remember who I am, big picture, and where I am in the present moment. That's a gift."

Désireé | Tampa, FL

“I looked everywhere…”

"You wouldn't believe how much time and money I've wasted trying to screw my head on straight. My life coach was $125/hr. I'd drop $100 at a bar just to forget how I felt. Wish I found this 9 years ago. THANK YOU for making a tool that actually HELPS."

Bailey | Des Moines, IA

Johnny Crowder is an outspoken mental health advocate, writer, and touring musician who has experienced more trauma than any one man should... But therein lies his license and platform for advocacy.

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