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“Honestly, it has changed me”

"I didn't know how much I would appreciate this kind of service until I signed up. I can feel myself light up just seeing 'Cope Notes' pop up in my notifications. This sounds too good to be true, but the science really feels like it’s working."

Anonymous Subscriber


"Cope Notes can have a positive impact on anyone's mental health, but especially that of young adults. As modern solutions move further and further into telehealth, we need to include more innovative technologies like this one."

Kathy Moore

Executive Director | Florida Mental Health Institute

“I’m in tears”

"DUUUUUDE! I'm laying here exhausted, overwhelmed, and feeling resentful. Then I get a text that basically says, 'Thank you for everything you did today.' I'm crying! THANK YOU! I REALLY needed that right now! I instantly regained my perspective."

Anonymous Subscriber

“Real, heartfelt, awesome”

"During a time of massive upheaval and change, Cope Notes has been awesome. They are real, heartfelt, and have helped me remember lessons that seem particularly hard to access and recall when I'm in such a dark and overwhelming place."

Anonymous Subscriber

“I was skeptical at first”

"When my sister signed me up for the free trial, I wasn't convinced. But after a few days of getting the perfect text at EXACTLY the right moment, I was sold. I'm already feeling more like myself. Kinda can't believe it works, tbh."

Anonymous Subscriber

“Every parent needs to know about this”

"My son is a freshman in high school, and that's a tough time for a lot of kids. I signed him up for Cope Notes, praying it would help, and I can already see it working. He doesn't always listen to me, but he sure does listen to his phone!"

Anonymous Subscriber

“The possibilities are endless”

"The possibilities are endless for how this service can improve mental health literacy within a workplace, family, or individual. More importantly, I'm happy to support a service that is built on evidence-based principles that are most often used in professional settings."

Cara Williams, MSW, LCSW

Therapist | Common Thoughts Blog


"One of the most powerful components of Cope Notes' messages is that they're developed by people with lived experience managing an array of stressors and mental health conditions. Research suggests that peer support is a powerful force in helping people achieve stability and recovery."

Kristin Kosyluk, Ph.D., CRC

Assistant Professor | USF Department of Mental Health Law & Policy


"Most resources depend on the user to reach out, but Cope Notes actually takes the initiative to meet people where they are. This is arguably the first mobile tool in the mental health arena that's truly interventional. It’s helpful, funny, user-friendly, and always there when you need it."

Kristin Walker

CEO | everythingEHR & Mental Health News Radio Network

“I looked everywhere”

"You wouldn't believe how much time and money I've wasted trying to screw my head on straight. My life coach was $125/hr. I'd drop $100 at a bar just to forget how I felt. Wish I found this 9 years ago. THANK YOU for making a tool that actually HELPS."

Anonymous Subscriber

“A breath of fresh air”

"In such a negative era, the gift of positivity is a breath of fresh air. At its core, that's what Cope Notes is all about: using that positivity to help individuals achieve and maintain true mental wellness."

Paula Kegelman

Director | NAMI Greater Orlando


"Cope Notes just may be the critical link between technology and healthy brain development. While supportive services are hard to access due to our location, Cope Notes has proven to be a great asset for our rural youth in need."

David Hicks, LBSW

Director | Youth Social Services of Marshall County

“Cope Notes is a gift”

"Cope Notes keeps me mindful of the big things and how it all fits together. Randomly spaced big picture texts help me stay present. That's a gift."

Anonymous Subscriber



From advice to encouragement, every text is written by real people with real problems, just like you.


Each note is reviewed by doctors, counselors, and other smart folks to make sure it'll actually help.

digital journaling

It's easier to process emotional junk when you have somewhere to dump it. Text us whatever, whenever.

randomized timing

Our unpredictable schedule keeps your brain from tuning out the good stuff when you need it most.


No two people are identical. That's why no two subscribers ever receive the same text at the same time.

privacy protection

Keep your personal info personal. We don't even need to know your name. Anonymity guaranteed.



Cope Notes proudly partners with counselors, schools, businesses, and other organizations to make mental / emotional wellness the priority it deserves to be.


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