Mental health at home 🏠

Research shows that family support can play a major role in helping a loved one with their mental health. Are you ready to become the mental health hero of your family?

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Foster the mental health conversation in your home by providing daily support and encouragement for family members (ages 12+).

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On behalf of me and my family, we just want you to know that you are saving lives with Cope Notes. We're glad you are using this to spread positivity in these dark days.


Cope Notes got me through the hardest point of my life, and your texts inspired my dad and I to connect on a different level. That’s pretty friggin special to me.

Sounds awesome! But how does it work?

1. Sign them up

Fill out the form above to activate and personalize their subscriptions.

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2. Talk it over

Use our daily texts as easy starting points for tough conversations.

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3. Feel the love

Bring your family closer together with consistent encouragement and support!

What will Cope Notes help my family talk about?

+ Hopelessness

+ Relationships

+ Depression

+ Self-image

+ Loneliness

+ Negativity

+ Self-care

+ Anxiety

+ Stress

+ Anger

You have questions? We have answers.

+ How much does it cost?
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Prices may vary based on term length and options. Feel free to check out our pricing page or toggle between options on the form to see how each option affects the subscription price.

+ Can I give anonymously?
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While we recommend letting your family know who the subscription is from, you are welcome to give anonymously. In the "From" field of the signup form, you can type your name, a nickname, or simply "anonymous."

+ Is this appropriate for all ages?
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We recommend Cope Notes for anyone ages 12 and up. None of our text messages include profanity or inappropriate content, but every once in a while, we do use some "ten-dollar words" that might be challenging for some elementary schoolers to comprehend.

+ What kind of texts will we get?
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Psychology facts, exercises, journaling prompts... the list goes on. Every text is written by someone with firsthand experience overcoming illness, trauma, or loss—you know, the hard stuff.

Then, each message is routinely reviewed, edited, and approved by a panel of mental health professionals on an ongoing basis to make sure that it's psychologically accurate, trauma-informed, and so on.

As for sources, our content is inspired by lectures, textbooks, positive psychology principles, peer support models, personal experience, and the people around us—just like you!

At the top of our home page, you'll see a phone that cycles through a week's worth of example text messages. We encourage you to take a peek.

+ Do we all get the same texts at the same time?
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If you'd like everyone to receive the same texts at the same time each day, select "Synchronized" in the Text Frequency field of the signup form. If not, select "Random" so that each family member will experience their own unique text sequence!

+ How do you handle crisis situations?
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In keeping with federal recommendations, Cope Notes outsources all crisis services to the 988 Lifeline.

Subscribers can connect with a trained crisis counselor at the 988 Lifeline by replying to any Cope Notes text with the word HELP.

If you'd prefer to contact the 988 Lifeline directly, you can call or text 988 at any time. Their services are 100% free and confidential.

If you are ever in an emergency situation, please dial 911.

Still curious? Check out some more of our FAQs here.