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You don't have to stand by and watch a friend or family member struggle... You can make a difference. Give the gift that keeps on giving: daily encouragement and life-changing support.

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Wanna change someone's life?
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My 14-year-old daughter has been struggling with depression and I got her a subscription to Cope Notes. Thanks again. You helped my daughter and I’m grateful for that!


Thank you for creating Cope Notes. It's been helping my boyfriend get through this really hectic time the past few months, since he doesn't have time to actually see a therapist right now.

Sounds awesome! But how does it work?

1. Choose a friend

Identify a loved one that could benefit from daily support.

2. Make it personal

Write a custom welcome message to let them know you care.

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3. Change a life

They receive support and encouragement every single day!

You have questions? We have answers.

+ How much does it cost?
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Prices may vary based on term length and options. Feel free to check out our pricing page or toggle between options on the form to see how each one affects the subscription price.

+ Can I give anonymously?
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Definitely. In the "From" field, you can type your name, a nickname, or simply "anonymous."

+ What kind of texts will they get?
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Psychology facts, exercises, journaling prompts... the list goes on. Every text is written by someone with firsthand experience overcoming illness, trauma, or loss—you know, the hard stuff.

Then, each message is routinely reviewed, edited, and approved by a panel of mental health professionals on an ongoing basis to make sure that it's psychologically accurate, trauma-informed, and so on.

As for sources, our content is inspired by lectures, textbooks, positive psychology principles, peer support models, personal experience, and the people around us—just like you!

At the top of our home page, you'll see a phone that cycles through a week's worth of example text messages. We encourage you to take a peek.

+ Can I do this for multiple people?
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Absolutely! You can fill out this form as many times as you'd like, or consider a family plan instead.

+ How do you handle crisis situations?
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In keeping with federal recommendations, Cope Notes outsources all crisis services to the 988 Lifeline.

Subscribers can connect with a trained crisis counselor at the 988 Lifeline by replying to any Cope Notes text with the word HELP.

If you'd prefer to contact the 988 Lifeline directly, you can call or text 988 at any time. Their services are 100% free and confidential.

If you are ever in an emergency situation, please dial 911.

Psst... Still curious? Check out some more of our FAQs here.