Whether serving 10 or 10,000,000 people, our group subscriptions are designed to provide daily support for your students, employees, clients, and community without adding to your workload.



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Donna Wyche, MS, CAP

Orange County, FL Government

Cope Notes has been an excellent addition to our diverse menu of services designed to meet our clients' diverse needs. It offers individuals unique access to mental health interventions like peer support and psycho-education that are traditionally only available in an in-person, and often clinical, setting.

Gabriela Garayar

National Alliance on Mental Illness

Our community relies on Cope Notes for access to consistent, quality mental health support. By providing Cope Notes to these individuals and their families, we have recorded feedback that outlines how these daily texts have fostered encouragement, hope, and change in their day-to-day lives.


With one purchase order, one local news feature, and one swift decision on behalf of residents in need, Pasco County, FL used Cope Notes to impact the mental and emotional health of their community without lifting a finger.


+ Local / State / Federal Governments

+ Teams / Clubs / Support Groups

+ Insurance / Benefits Providers

+ Schools / Colleges / Districts

+ Therapy / Recovery Centers

+ Nonprofits / Organizations

+ Businesses / Corporations

+ Healthcare Providers

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+ How much does it cost?
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Annual subscriptions start at less than $10/user/mo, with price breaks available for larger groups.

Book a consultation to discuss a custom quote today!

+ Who pays for it?
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The whole point of a group subscription is to insulate the end user from the cost of use, thereby eliminating barriers to entry and maximizing social impact!

For example, a school pays for a student's subscription, an employer pays for an employee's subscription, and so on.

+ Who should I give the subscriptions to?
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How you distribute your subscriptions is 100% up to you.

For example, a school might give subscriptions to staff, faculty, students, their families, donors, volunteers, etc. There are no rules or guidelines as to who you can and cannot share your subscriptions with.

+ Will you help us with onboarding / distribution?
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Absolutely! In the past, we've done live talks, hosted webinars, led trainings, designed cobranded social graphics, written email copy, and more so that our partners and their groups are fully "in the know."

+ Do you provide usage data or success metrics?
+ -

You know it! Through your very own enterprise dashboard, no less.

At any given moment, you'll be able to view the total number of texts exchanged with your group, how many of your group's subscriptions have been redeemed, time zone data, term length averages, and even an overall user satisfaction rating!

+ How do you handle crisis situations?
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In keeping with federal recommendations, Cope Notes outsources all crisis services to the 988 Lifeline.

Subscribers can connect with a trained crisis counselor at the 988 Lifeline by replying to any Cope Notes text with the word HELP.

If you'd prefer to contact the 988 Lifeline directly, you can call or text 988 at any time. Their services are 100% free and confidential.

If you are ever in an emergency situation, please dial 911.

+ What about HIPAA?
+ -

HIPAA regulations apply to services that collect or store personal health information. As an anonymous resource, Cope Notes does not collect or store any personal health information.

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