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Many of us experience anxiety, depression, and negative thoughts, but not everyone chooses to take that crucial next step towards a healthier brain. Go you!

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Join tens of thousands of people across the globe who are already feeling happier and healthier than they did yesterday!

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Man. Cope Notes has already helped increase my daily moods drastically. I can hardly believe it. These messages are game changing!


Cope Notes has been integral to my recovery. It got me through the hardest time of my life. Thank you for being a hero!

Awesome! But how does it work?

1. We text you

We interrupt your negative thought patterns with something positive.

2. You text back

You use our text thread as a safe space to journal and speak freely.

3. You feel better

Your brain learns to replace negative thoughts with healthier ones!

What will Cope Notes help me with?

+ Hopelessness

+ Relationships

+ Depression

+ Self-image

+ Loneliness

+ Negativity

+ Self-care

+ Anxiety

+ Stress

+ Anger

You have questions? We have answers.

+ Is Cope Notes for me?
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Cope Notes is for everyone with a cell phone and a brain. Stressed-out soccer moms, frustrated teens, zen bodybuilders... no diagnosis necessary.

Happy? Angry? Sad? Perfect. We created Cope Notes for people just like you.

+ Is it really anonymous?
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Cope Notes does not collect any personal health data - not even your name. Your text thread and everything in it is 100% anonymous and confidential.

+ What kind of stuff will you text me?
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Psychology facts, exercises, journaling prompts... the list goes on. Every text is written by someone with firsthand experience overcoming illness, trauma, or loss—you know, the hard stuff.

Then, each message is routinely reviewed, edited, and approved by a panel of mental health professionals on an ongoing basis to make sure that it's psychologically accurate, trauma-informed, and so on.

As for sources, our content is inspired by lectures, textbooks, positive psychology principles, peer support models, personal experience, and the people around us—just like you!

At the top of our home page, you'll see a phone that cycles through a week's worth of example text messages. We encourage you to take a peek.

+ Do I get the same texts as everybody else?
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Nope. When your cell phone buzzes with a Cope Notes text, you're the only person in the entire world to receive that text on that day at that time.

We assign everyone a totally unique text sequence, which means that no two people ever have the same experience with us. Pretty cool, right?

+ When will you text me?
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Who knows?

Our randomized text schedule combats something called habituation, which is what allows you to tune out the sound of an air conditioner or sleep through an alarm. Research shows that unexpected stimulus is more impactful than something you see coming from a mile away.

Your texts will be randomly spaced out at different times on different days, so there's a fair chance that they'll catch you off guard. That's a big part of what makes Cope Notes so effective.

We typically won't text you before 8:30 AM or after 10:30 PM, but you can text us back whenever you like. If you'd prefer to customize your text window (along with other account details), click here.

+ Can I text you back?
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You can text us a million times a day if you'd like! Say whatever you want, whenever you want, or nothing at all. This isn't a realtime conversation—instead, use our text thread as a confidential, anonymous journal; a safe place to vent and speak your mind without worrying about the repercussions.

And just like a physical journal, we're big on privacy, so we'll never reply, share, or judge anything you say.

Still curious? Check out some more of our FAQs here.